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Hetland Creek GL Melodeon VEE 88


DOB: 5/6/15

Barn Name: Mel

Sire: Alethia SHH Gunsmoke N Lace +VV 84 

Sire's Sire: GCH Algedi Farm Smokin' Hot Honey VEE 89 
Sire's Dam: Algedi Farm MH Moonlace

Dam: GCH Algedi Farm DJ Melodica EEEE 91
Dam's Dam: CH Algedi Farm D Capella VEEE 91

Dam's Sire: GCH Algedi Farm Drops Of Jupiter EEE 91

Flat Rock's Tyrion Lannister


DOB: 5/4/16

Barn Name: Tyrion


Sire: Flat Rock's OhCaptainMyCaptain  

Sire's Sire: Flat Rock's Captain Jack
Sire's Dam: Flat Rock's Ginny Weasley

Dam: Five Alarm Grace
Dam's Dam: Five Alarm High Society

Dam's Sire: Flat Rock's Numbskull

Co-Owned With Flying Feets Farm

Dill's TS Bada Bing *B


DOB: 1/17/16

Barn Name: Bing 

Sire: Dill's D Two-Step 

Sire's Sire: Dill's LD Derringer 

Sire's Dam: SGCH NC Promisedland Pal Macarena VEEE 91

Dam: GCH Dill's FH Doo Wop +EVV 87 

Dam's Dam: SG Promisedland CP Shaboom VEEE 90

Photo Courtesy Of: Suitor's Farm

Busy Browsers RS Heatseeker


DOB: 4/13/17

Barn Name: S'mores

Sire Rosasharn RS B My Rock Star *B 

Sire's Sire: Rosasharn GX Ringo Star +*B 

Sire's Dam: SG Rosasharn UMT Honeybee 4*D 4*M 

Dam: Alethia SHH Something Blue 

Dam's Dam: Algedi Farm DJ Wedded Bliss

Dam's Sire: GCH Algedi Farm Smokin' Hot Honey +*B

Photo Courtesy Of: Busy Browsers

Old Mountain Farm Rekn Force


DOB: 5/1/17

Barn Name: Rick

Sire: Old Mountain Farm Allegiance VEE 87

Sire's Sire: SG Old Mountain Farm Cernunnos VEV 89
Sire's Dam: Old Mountain Farm Wirosa 

SG NC Promisedland Nemesis VEEE 90
Dam's Dam: ​SG NC Promisedland BW Echo 2 VEEE 90

Dam's Sire: Rosasharn SS Legolas VEV 90

Co-Owned With Flying Feets Farm

Old Mountain Farm Hillbilly


DOB: 6/26/17

Barn Name: HillBilly

Sire: Dill's B&R Redneck Crazy

Sire's Sire: SG Dill's RD Big & Rich
Sire's Dam: Dill's XM Pantastic
VEEE 89  2*M

Dam: Old Mountain Farm Arizona +EVV 86
Dam's Dam: ​Old Mountain Farm Cacaomartini VEE+ 87

Dam's Sire: Old Mountain Farm Java Zip

Co-Owned With Flying Feets Farm

Agape's Prize Piruz


DOB: 2/11/18

Barn Name: Piruz

Sire: Old Mountain Farm JohnQ Public

Sire's Sire: Old Mountain Farm Allegiance

Sire's Dam: GCH Old Mountain Farm Ciervo 3*M

Dam: Old Mountain Farm Peris 2*M 

Dam's Sire: Old Mountain Farm Dan Seur +B

Dam's Dam: AGS Roundabout Persian Princess

Oak Apple Fanfare *B



DOB: 3/11/18

Barn Name: Fanfare

Sire: CH Heaven's Hollow Majesty *B

Sire's Sire: AGS AlexanderFarm BW Studlydorite +B

Sire's Dam: SGCH Wyojem Wendy Kiki 1*M

Dam: SGCH Oak Apple Cavatina 4*M

Dam's Sire: SG Old Mountain Farm Cernunnos ++*B

Dam's Dam: SGCH Camanna GD Moonlight Opera 3*M 

Agapes Prize Magical Illusion



DOB: 5/3/18

Barn Name: Magic

Sire: Wood Bridge Farm Bridge of Belle 

Sire's Sire: Phoenix Farm Icebird Legacy +B

Sire's Dam: CH Wood Bridge Belladonna

2x National Winner

Dam: CH Wood Bridge Too PracticalMagic

Dam's Dam: SGCH Wood Bridge Too Love Potion #9 VVVE 88

Dam's Sire: GCH Rosasharn UMT Pippin VVE 86

Rosasharn MM Robert Frost *B 


DOB: 05/11/2018

Barn Name: Bob

Sire: Rosasharn DLM My Monarch 

Sire's Sire: Dawnland TCBB Monarch

Sire's Dam: GCH Rosasharn TL Queen Bee 5*M 

Dam: SG Rosasharn SH Sonnet 5*M 

Dam's Sire: Rosasharn BB Son Of Honey ++*B

Dam's Dam: SG Rosasharn P Haiku 4*M 

Co-Owned With Suitor's Farm

Onaqui JSUN Neau Bueno *B


DOB: 3/23/19

Barn Name: Neau Bueno

Sire: Sugar Moon NS Just So U Neau *B

Sire's Sire: SG Old Mountain Farm Nightshade +B

Sire's Dam: Sugar Moon VIC Beau-Kaye 3*M

Dam: SG Creamery Creek BZ Izadora 2*M

Dam's Dam: SG Creamery Creek Pashimina Pippa 1*M 

Dam's Sire: NC Promisedland MS Black Zumba +B

On Lease From: Suitor's Farm

Gibson Farm ZX Achilles



DOB: 06/02/19

Barn Name: Achilles

Sire: Golden Dawn Z Zaxby

Sire's Sire: NC PromisedLand MS Zumba *B

Sire's Dam: Golden Dawn Zombie Apocalypse 

Dam: SG Sugar Moon V Bijou 1*M 

Dam's Sire: SG Sugar Moon Viva Las Vegas

Dam's Dam's: Sugar Moon O Gypsy Rose

Co-Owned With Suitor's Farm

Lucy's Ladybug Rekn I'm Don


DOB: 2/25/20

Barn Name: Don

Sire: Old Mountain Farm Rekn N Force 

Sire's Sire: Old Mountain Farm Allegiance VEE 87

Sire's Dam: SG NC PromisedLand Nemesis VEEE90 2*M 3*D

Dam: Onaqui BH Donna G.

Dam's Dam: Dessert Winds BD Marasol VEEE 90

Dam's Sire: Old Mountain Farm Bold Hart VEE 88

Suitor's BM One-Night Stand


DOB: 3/28/20

Barn Name: Romeo

Sire: Sugar Moon IZA Black Maple *B

Sire's Sire: Sugar Moon BL Izaman *B

Sire's Dam: SG Sugarmoon Dolly Madison 3*M 

Dam: Suitor's DDS Serendipity

Dam's Dam: La Buena Vida FM Fanetta

Dam's Sire: Zanzabeez DG Dutch Drop Shot

Old Mountain Farm Bold Affair


DOB: 4/21/20

Barn Name: Bold Affair

Sire: SG Old Mountain Farm Bold Elk +*B

Sire's Sire: SG Old Mountain Farm Stag ++*B

Sire's Dam: SG NC PromisedLand Nemesis 2*M

Dam: Old Mountain Farm TipToe

Dam's Dam: Old Mountain Farm Wirosa

Dam's Sire: AGS Kyeema Ridge Larrikin

Co-Owned With Tobi Suitor/Suitor's Farm

Photo COurtesy Of: Old Mountaian Farm

Onaqui EYHO Hart Attack


DOB: 04/26/20

Barn Name: Hart Attack

Sire: Onaqui BH Eat Your Hart Out *B 

Sire's Sire: Old Mountain Farm Bold Hart +B 

Sire's Dam: SG Creamery Creek TS SweetNCreamy 2*M

Dam: Onaqui BH Equinox 

Dam's Dam: SG Old Mountain Farm Cass Quinn 5*M 

Dam's Sire: Old Mountain Farm Bold Hart +B

Rosasharn WS Nickajack *B


DOB: 6/08/20

Barn Name: Nick

Sire: Rosasharn PLW Will Shakespeare *B

Sire's Sire: Rosasharn Prince Liteningwhelk +*B

Sire's Dam: SG Rosasharn SH Sonnet 5*M

Dam: Rosasharn SM Martnelli's Cider 7*M

Dam's Dam: Rosasharn AX Champagne Bubbles 6*M

Dam's Sire: Rosasharn MS Sea Monster *B

Co-Owned With Suitor's Farm

Rosasharn MM Cioccolato *B


DOB: 6/15/20

Barn Name:

Sire: Rosasharn DLM My Monarch 

Sire's Sire: Dawnland TCBB Monarch

Sire's Dam: GCH Rosasharn TL Queen Bee 5*M

Dam: Rosasharn AX Katerina 6*M

Dam's Dam: Rosasharn TL Kit-Kat 5*M 

Dam's Sire: Rosasharn AL's Astrix ++B

Photo Courtesy of: Rosasharn Farm

Co-Owned With Suitor's Farm